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Glastonbury’s ‘super-fence’ and UK festival security

Glastonbury’s ‘super-fence’ and UK festival security

10th August 2015

In an age where festivals continue to increase in popularity, security is something which remains at the forefront of organisers’ minds. From small festivals attended by hundreds to Glastonbury Festival, which for one week in June becomes a de facto city in the heart of the Somerset countryside, security is now paramount.

Glastonbury’s 12 metre ‘super-fence’ was designed to ensure that party-goers were not able to climb over, or burrow underneath, the festival’s outer boundaries to gain access to the historic site.

For years, Glastonbury suffered security problems, with high numbers of revellers breaking into the festival site. In 2000, police estimated that up to 100,000 people broke into the site without paying. Organisers put this number at nearer to 30,000. This went to show that security needed to be stepped up both at the south-west festival, as well as at other festival sites across the country, including Reading and Leeds, T in the Park and Creamfields.

The ‘super-fence’ was installed in 2002, and since it went up, interruptions via ‘break-ins’ have been vastly reduced.

Boosting security by ensuring a festival’s perimeter cannot be breached is massively important when planning the safety and security of an event. As well as limiting attendance numbers from a health and safety perspective, it is also crucial to put measures in place to lower cases of crime, drug use and other illegal activity, while, in the modern age, perimeter fencing is a key element for combating the potential risk of terrorism.

Zaun have a huge amount of experience in making sure that events such as festivals, and other UK major events, are kept safe and secure. Our high security temporary fencing solutions are ideal for VIP areas and ensures that you can maintain your health and safety provision and keep bands, staff and members of the public safe and well.

Working at events which involve tens of thousands of people, Zaun have the capability and the expertise to provide the security equipment to ensure events, both big and small, run smoothly and without a hitch.