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The importance of security on the Olympic field

The importance of security on the Olympic field

15th March 2016

The importance of security on the Olympic field

Fences need to do more than look good at major sporting events and keep the balls in – and the spectators off – the pitch or field. They need to protect audiences and athletes and ensure the events run as smoothly, efficiently and safely as possible. And nowhere is this more important than at the infamous Olympic Games.

Rio 2016 Olympics

This year, the Olympics will be held in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. This is the first time a South American country has hosted the summer games, and some controversy and worry are surrounding the event.

There are many issues to be overcome to ensure a successful, secure and safe event in Rio. For example, the city’s crime rates are above most European cities’, and some are concerned that protests such as those that happened at the FIFA Confederations Cup could occur again. Also, the ever-present risk of terrorism has to be tackled, with procedures to prevent any incidents and a clear strategy to deal with any attacks.

The Brazilian government plans to deploy around 85,000 security agents (including 38,000 armed forces’ members) for the three weeks of games that begin on 5th August.

Zaun and the 2012 Olympics

Here at Zaun, we have experience planning security measures and providing temporary perimeter security for Olympic Games, as we worked on the London games in 2012. After working with us, the security adviser of London’s 2012 Olympics remarked: “We tried to imagine every conceivable security eventuality and protect against it – and Zaun were with us every step of the way, developing new products to meet the demands we placed on them.”

In 2013, we were happy to be able to share our experience with our counterparts in Brazil. In addition, we took part in a security seminar that highlighted the approach we took to Olympics security.

After our experience at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, we’re excited to see what the 2016 games have in store. We’ll be keeping our eye on the latest news concerning security at the event and sharing it with our readers, so make sure you stay up to date with our blog!