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Installing security gates may need consultation and education

Installing security gates may need consultation and education

24th March 2016

Installing security gates may need consultation and education

When it comes to access, there is often a clear need for security gates to protect property or to prevent unauthorised use. However, in this example from Dorset, ( a security gate that has been erected to protect a ferry jetty has caused local discord.

The ferry runs a few hundred meters from the picture perfect beach huts of Mudeford over to Christchurch and is popular with tourists as a day trip, and locals as an easy way to get provisions over, with vehicular access being highly restricted. The council claim that the jetty is frequently misused by other unauthorised boats, with risky scenarios involving children being passed over railings in an unsafe manner and fuel cans dumped on the jetty. (

Security with a balanced view

While there is a clear need for the galvanised metal and wire gate, when it comes to installing such a security measure, particularly in an area of beauty or a tourist hot spot, the agency, company or individual responsible should consider the consequences of their actions. They should plan ahead with education, information and clear reasons as to why any gate has been installed. If it affects a local group then a leafleting campaign, explaining the move could also be considered.

Looking at this example, the gate was simply installed, with no signage and little warning. If you install any gate, some type of clear notice explaining why it is there will go some way to assuaging the angst of most visitors. Highlighting the legal need to protect property and people from their own actions helps build a strong case for any installation. In design terms, the council may also have considered something slightly less stark, given the wide range of options and shapes of security gate and fencing available on the market.

So, while your property, event, business or facility may need protecting with security fencing, gates and other installations, consider the impact on the users and the local area before erecting them. Whatever your security needs, Zaun has a range of permanent and temporary solutions to protect everything from construction sites to data centres, and sports events to playgrounds.