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Don’t overlook these three security details

Don’t overlook these three security details

28th March 2017

Here at Zaun, we understand that a security system is only as strong as its weakest component, so we are meticulous about every detail of our systems. Nevertheless, certain aspects of a security system that laypeople frequently overlook make a huge difference to the system’s integrity. But what exactly are these aspects?

1. Fixtures and fittings

Everybody knows that security fencing needs to be strong and hard to climb. However, even the strongest security fencing can fall apart if the bolts and screws that hold it together are substandard (or aren’t fitted properly). Therefore, it is vitally important that your security fencing is carefully assembled with fixtures and fittings that are as resilient as it is. Remember: a single out-of-place bolt can create a weakness that criminals and intruders can exploit.

2. Power supply

CCTV cameras, alarms and electrified fences are only effective if they have a reliable power supply. A loose wire or faulty connection can nullify a vital component of your system. Likewise, thieves and other intruders only need a single camera, alarm or panel of electric fencing to malfunction to gain access to your premises. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that every electronic component of your security system has a reliable power supply and fully operational connections.

3. Locks

There’s no point in having impenetrable gates if the locks that keep them closed can be easily picked or broken. So if you want to protect your site or premises, you absolutely must make sure that your locks are on par with the rest of your security system.

Here at Zaun, we supply our own fixtures and fittings when installing security systems and fit them with the utmost care. We also pride ourselves on the reliability of our electronic components and always make sure that they are properly connected to your power supply. We also supply top-quality locks.

Even the best security systems can be compromised by seemingly trivial details: don’t let this happen to yours. Instead, choose Zaun to supply and install your security solution. We take great care to ensure that every detail of every system we install functions perfectly. Contact us today.