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Tensions create Winter Olympics Security headaches

Tensions create Winter Olympics Security headaches

24th October 2017

Anyone contemplating the complexities of increased security at their 2018 event, should find comfort that their “to-do” list is not as lengthy as that of officials at February’s Winter Olympics.

The games are to be hosted by South Korean county Pyeongchang, which sits just 50 miles away from the border with North Korea.

Heightened tensions in the region have forced the organising committee to further tighten the already onerous security measures used for such high profile events. Media reports suggest that this includes appointing a top notch team of cyber defence professionals.

The numbers of armed troops to guard international athletes, personnel and visitors are also said to have been doubled due to recent worrying developments.

Shadow of the Winter Olympics

The backdrop to the games are missile and nuclear tests carried out by North Korea. There has also possibly been a hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific Ocean. This growing show of strength is believed to be a result of US President Donald Trump making threats against the North Korean government.

Unprecedented security at the Games

News agency Reuters suggests that around 5,000 troops will be deployed at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. This is over twice the number used at the 2002 World Cup, which the country co-hosted with Japan.

It is also believed that the committee will recruit approximately 500 staff to provide thorough x-ray security screening, for every day of the Winter Olympics. The cost of this security is thought to be $17.4m.

This is over and above using a Special Weapons and Tactics team to provide counterterrorist activities during the Games. Apart from protecting the participants and the public, the efforts are directed at thwarting any plans to assassinate key figures attending the Winter Olympics.

Spotlight on your own security measures

Are you investigating ways to provide additional security at events large and small in the UK in 2018?

You don’t need the budget or the weaponry that South Korea is finding, but these days you do need to invest in the best security fencing for temporary events.

Zaun can assist in carrying our site surveys and planning placement well in advance. The team can ensure that your perimeter physical and technological security systems match your event’s needs down to the smallest detail.