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What should you look for in effective security fencing?

What should you look for in effective security fencing?

27th February 2020

One of the best security measures you can put in place to protect your grounds is perimeter fencing. The real beauty of this type of security fencing is how versatile it is. Whether you need to protect a school, a playground, sports pitches, a data centre, an office building or a factory, it will do the job effectively.

Of course, it is wise to do a little research first before installing any fencing, so you know what to look for. So what should be your top priorities?

Robust fencing is key.

One of the major things any fencing you install must-have is a robust design. This will help it to provide an effective barrier to intruders and keep them out. Fencing, which is easy to cut through or topple, will soon be breached by people trying to access your grounds. If your fencing is not robust enough, it will also degrade quickly over time due to general wear and tear. This is especially true when you consider it will be outside in all weathers. When choosing the type of fencing to erect, make sure you choose tough, weather-proof and will last for a long time.

Great visual appeal

While your fencing is there to provide security to your site or sports pitches, it must still look good. No one wants to spend time somewhere that looks like a prison after all! Keep this in mind when choosing which perimeter fencing to install, so you pick one attractive to the eye. This will make your pitches or grounds feel nicer for anyone who uses them or works there and make them more inviting for authorised visitors.

Bespoke design

Not all sites or premises are the same. Some will be bigger, some will be smaller, and all will have their own unique needs. This often makes looking for bespoke security fencing a good idea. Custom fencing like this can be made to your own personal specifications to fit your particular site. For example, it might be that you need a certain design or a certain size to fit awkward spaces – whatever it is, bespoke fencing can help.

Top-quality high-security fencing with Zaun

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