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Border Security Fencing

Border Security Fencing


One of the largest and busiest ports in Europe required a major upgrade to its perimeter security fencing. Due to an increase of migrants trying to cross the borders illegally, there was a need to improve the fencing around the port to ensure people who did not have the correct paperwork or permissions to travel across the border were kept safe and out of harm’s reach whether it’s those attempting illegal breaches into the port site or those responsible for preventing them from doing so.

The fencing was designed to prevent migrants from trying to stow away on trucks; usually, this would happen as the truck slows or comes to a stop, and the migrants would run and get inside the trucks to hitch a ride across the border.

A migrant camp nearby, which it is reported housed more than 10,000 people, ensured a constant threat of illegal migrants trying to cross the border. Many displaced migrants congregate here in an attempt to cross the borders by illegal and dangerous means. People smugglers were a constant problem, many promising migrants jobs and security once they had crossed the border.

The Solution

Zaun HiSec 358 Fencing was installed along both sides of the main road into the port, which aimed to prevent the migrants from getting onto the vehicles as they slowed or came to a halt. This anti-climb mesh fencing system features 12.7mm x 76.2mm tight mesh apertures, which prevents people from getting a foothold and scale the fencing to get over and prevents objects from being passed through the fabric. It also provides resistance to cutting by conventional hand tools and is employed extensively in higher security applications supported with detection and surveillance technologies.

In addition to the anti-climb mesh, Zaun’s Flexible Security Topping (FST) was also installed to the top of the fencing to ensure that anyone who did somehow manage to scale the fencing could not get a grip over the top of the fencing. FST is designed in such as way what it moves as people try to climb it. Installed with concertina wire, this provides the port with a fence that works as a visual deterrent and a practical one.

High-security temporary fencing and barrier systems, including SecureGuard, were also installed around the port, which provides high security, a movable border that can not only be easily converted into a PAS68 HVM perimeter but is also movable if the perimeter needs reducing or expanding for any reason. This movable barrier system also featuring FST and concertina wire as a topping for an additional deterrent.