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Smart video surveiliance enhances passenger safety on trains

Smart video surveiliance enhances passenger safety on trains

23rd March 2016

An intelligent video surveillance system has been developed to improve passenger safety on public transport.

SharpView Rugged from technology developers EyeLynx, part of the Zaun Group, has been approved to stringent EU environmental standards EN50121, 50155 and 61373 for rail carriages and emergency vehicles. In addition, military-grade units complying with MIL-STD-810 are available on request.

SharpView Rugged consists of SharpView Manager Professional security management software, the SVR-5716NR network video recorder, a rugged unit with 16 inputs enabled, eight of which are direct Power over Ethernet (PoE) for HD cameras and up to 4TB hard disk storage drives. Storage is also possible to external USB drives.

SharpView systems can record and manage multi-megapixel and HD video evidence from an unlimited number of CCTV cameras. Alarms are also recorded from other security devices, such as facial recognition, intruder and fire sensors.

Built on the latest Enterprise-class Linux operating system, the SharpView recording engine delivers the industry’s fastest storage and retrieval performance. All units record network IP video of any resolution, frame rate and compression formats, including; M-JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264.

It supports various digital I/O and devices connected over USB, Ethernet and RS 232/422/485. GPS tracking and wireless connectivity are also supported.

EyeLynx chief executive officer Jay Patel said: “SharpView Rugged will allow train operators to gather vital evidence in beyond-HD quality which is indisputable, leading to convictions and certain prosecutions. Therefore, passengers will gain a sense of safety on public transport knowing that criminals cannot operate in the transport network without getting caught.”

SharpView Rugged improves passenger safety on public transport