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RDS Original

Zaun’s innovative rapid deploy fencing system, RDS Original, is a fence panel and posts system that can be erected and removed within minutes, using an RDS block combined with the unique post arrangement. Designed for heights of up to 3 metres, Zaun’s rapid deploy fencing system leads the market for temporary high-security fencing solutions. This temporary solution is designed to use a single fence line to protect against crowd loads or protect areas from unauthorised visitors. RDS is designed specifically to be a rapid deploy fencing solution deployed and redeployed to protect an area quickly and efficiently with the minimum fuss and disruption.

Tested by independent bodies for crowd attack, this rapid deploy fencing system also offers significant protection. Therefore vastly reducing policing and security costs when compared to the use of traditional temporary fencing solutions. In addition, this rapid deploy fencing system offers a combination of high-security temporary fencing with an option of hostile vehicle mitigation PAS 68 enhancement, all within the same fence line (see RDS PAS68 for details).

This gives the system the product attributes normally only seen on permanent installations. Disruption-free deployment ensures on-site disruption normally associated with installing and removing a fence line at a minimum.

Full vehicle and pedestrian access solutions, including portals, are incorporated, all with above-ground foundations. CCTV, PIDs and topping enhancements can also be incorporated to provide a full turnkey solution. Ideal for sports and major event overlay. RDS is also sometimes used as a permanent fence line where below-ground foundations are not possible.

To suit customer requirements, RDS is also available to rent or purchase.


Zaun RDS Original panels are typically manufactured from pre-galvanised GalZal® steel wire according to BS EN 10244-2 class A Zn95AL5 standards with a typical thickness in wire diameter of 275g/m2 (on a 4mm wire). Fences coated in GalZal® do not require additional powder coating as protection.

A powder-coated option and enhanced painting systems such as marine coatings are also available for improved life expectancy in C2-C5M environments.

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Rapid Deploy Fencing Posts & Fixings

The RDS Original PAS 68 features a post and clamp bar configuration, providing a simple and easy installation method. Supplied with vandal-proof security fixings and installed using either power or hand tools.

Rapid Deploy Fencing with Matching Gates Available

A wide range of temporary gates is available to complement this temporary fencing system. Our range of gates is designed and manufactured with matching mesh. Also available galvanised and/or powder coated to a colour of your choice.

Mesh Samples Available

Samples of Zaun Mesh are available upon request. To request your free sample, please click here.


Features and Benefits
  • Allows for changes in direction and ground conditions
  • Suitable for hard or soft ground standings
  • PAS 68 enhancements are also available (See RDS PAS 68)
  • Can be fully integrated with PIDs, CCTV and topping enhancements
  • No ground pinning or foundations required
  • Available for rental or purchase
  • A more secure temporary security fence than standard hoarding
  • Visually appealing and does not impact the local environment
  • High visibility making the solution ideal for use with CCTV camera systems
  • Protects against external threats to any temporary site
  • Ideal in locations where space is an issue, or fencing is difficult to deploy
  • Can be supplied with your choice of mesh but supplied with HiSec 358 as standard
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Height Range: 1800mm - 3000mm
Panel Width: 2900mm
Mesh Size: 12.7mm x 76.2mm (358 style mesh) as standard. Other mesh options such as ArmaWeave are also available upon request.
Wire Diameter: 4mm Verticals & 4mm Horizontals as standard
Top Edge Projection: 100mm minimal spikes
Post Sizes: 70 x 70mm
Clamp Bar Size: 40 x 5mm
Post Centres: 2750mm
Fixing Centres: 400mm
Fixings: Anti Tamper Security Fixings
Block Size: 800 x 450 x 900mm
Block Type: QMB (Also available with HVM Cable System)
Block Weight: 750kg

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