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If your business maintains sensitive information in a data centre, you should know that physical on-site security is just as essential as cybersecurity. This means that you need sophisticated perimeter fencing that provides adequate protection for your data. At Zaun, we comply with a range of standards that help ensure that your data centre perimeter is safe from physical security breaches.

Sophisticated testing is vital to ensure these fences meet the highest standard. To help gauge the level of protection, the Loss Prevention Certification Board offers the Loss Prevention Standard 1175. Depending on the level of protection, the perimeter security level will be graded from SR1 up to SR4. The higher the grade, the longer the test lasts. It will involve testing the level of protection against different forms of attack using different tools to attempt to breach the fence, from a cable cutter up to a jackhammer.

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) offers its own system of classification of your security fencing that will give a measure of your protection against espionage (rated Class 1 to Class 4) and terrorism (rated either Base, Enhanced or High). Security products sold with a good CPNI rating can be relied upon to maintain a high level of data centre security.

The increasing prevalence of vehicle-based attacks has led to establishing another benchmark, the PAS 68 HVM. This gives a measure of the degree to which your perimeter fencing guards against vehicle-borne breaches. The rating is a code that indicates the weight and speed of a vehicle that your fencing can withstand.

To comprehensively guard against intruders at your data centre requires a sophisticated, integrated system. This will incorporate everything from fence-mounted or buried perimeter intruder detection (PID) systems to CCTV cameras, high-tech video analytics and intelligent alarm triggers.

At Zaun, we offer all-around solutions integrated with our high-tech perimeter fencing to offer the most reliable protection to your sensitive data centre. In addition, we offer a comprehensive turnkey solution specifically tailored to securing data centres.