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Zaun judges ‘The Pitch’ at Wolverhampton University

Zaun judges ‘The Pitch’ at Wolverhampton University

20th March 2015

Zaun has today been asked to be a part of the judging panel for The Pitch 2015, which is back at Wolverhampton University today after the success of the 2014 event.

The Pitch is a residential business challenge programme where teams of Year 10 and 11 students come up with creative solutions to real-life challenges set by well-known local businesses.

Students will work in teams of five during the event to come up with a creative solution to a real-life business challenge with support from a university graduate mentor.

At the end of the two days, students will ‘pitch’ their idea to representatives from business. The businesses will judge ideas presented by each student team against the original brief and announce a winner.

Zaun’s judge, Marketing Manager Steve Roberts, said: ‘As an ex-Wolverhampton University student myself, it is great to see the university commit to helping students gain valuable experience in everyday work problems, and to give students a springboard to network with local companies and help with their own professional development.’

The university will equip students to take part in The Pitch by offering three workshops on:

  • Leadership and team-building skills
  • Marketing and how to create the perfect pitch
  • Creative thinking and idea generation

The Pitch is a great way to involve and prepare students for work skills by providing them with real-life scenarios to help them gain experience when looking for work.

The Pitch is designed to:

  • Encourage teamwork among students
  • Equip students with entrepreneurial skills to develop creative ideas for real business problems
  • Inspire and equip pupils with the knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and attitude which will help them to compete with confidence in a real business arena
  • Meet and learn from peers from other schools

An overall winner will be decided and invited to our Business Awards which will be held later in 2015.