Zaun highlights high security oil station fencing at Infra Oman

Zaun highlights high security oil station fencing at Infra Oman

Zaun highlights high security oil station fencing at Infra Oman

17th October 2014

Zaun is to showcase its high-security fencing systems that have been installed by Oman’s premier oil company at the fourth staging of the Sultanate’s international exhibition for infrastructure and industrial projects dubbed ‘Structuring the Future’.

We are attending Infra Oman on stand J9 in the UK Pavilion at the Oman International Exhibition Centre in Muscat from 20 to 22 October. Last year, almost 4000 delegates from across the Middle East and beyond visited 240 exhibitors from across the globe at the annual show.

Earlier this year, we announced we had won a prestigious pilot contract worth almost £1.5 million to supply the perimeter security for two booster stations in Oman.

Zaun is supplying almost 9km of HiSec 358 premier British-made fencing and many PAS 68 crash rated entry and exit gates.

The fencing and gates are integrated with razor wire, PIDs and CCTV to form inner and outer cordons around the Nahada oil booster station in the north of Oman, about 400km from Muscat towards the Saudi border and its sister Hubara booster station in the south.

Zaun will highlight its full range of high-security 358 fencing systems and its highest-rated ArmaWeave, which is used at several high-profile maximum-security installations across the UK.

ArmaWeave is woven and has no welds, so it can be made from high tensile steel giving it substantial resistance to cutting attacks with hand, powered and non-contact tools. In addition, the tight mesh pattern provides no climbing aids, again limiting the potential for intrusion.

Zaun’s range also includes the latest Video Content Analysis CCTV system using high-performance Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras from EyeLynx, which Zaun bought a controlling stake in last month.

Jeremy Knight, head of Middle East operations for Zaun, said: ‘The pilot has given us real credibility in Oman and constitutes a sizable contract for our Middle East operation. As they are well known in the region for setting the benchmark for the industry, we hope to build on the back of that at Infra Oman.’

More development projects, costing billions of dollars, are set to be implemented in the coming years as the Sultanate takes concrete measures to diversify its economy after 43 years.

Infra Oman 2014 is a direct gateway to opportunities to support and supply this development as it brings together leading companies in the industry, ministry officials, infrastructure procurement bosses and main contractors in Oman’s vibrant construction market.


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