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Blaydon Leisure Centre undergoes vital fencing and pitch extensions

Blaydon Leisure Centre undergoes vital fencing and pitch extensions

03rd November 2020

Thanks to substantial contributions from organisations such as the Football Foundation, The FA, and the Premier League, as well as additional investments from Gateshead Council and Sport England, Blaydon Leisure Centre has been able to undergo extensive transformations, including a brand new 3G football pitch, athletics track, and multiple areas of new fencing.

The new fencing, which ensures boosted security for all of those that play, train, and socialise at the Blaydon Leisure Centre, was funded in part by the Football Foundation’s generous £376,324 grant, following Durham County FA’s recognition of the leisure centre and wider Blaydon as a priority site of investment. This is due to the fact that Blaydon plays training ground to more than 250 affiliated clubs of various sizes, yet currently only has two full-sized 3G pitches to be trained on.

Three types of fencing were used across the new leisure centre. Firstly, Zaun’s Super Rebound Fencing, which was developed with the intention of replacing traditional wooden fencing, which deteriorates quickly subject to certain weather conditions. This Super Rebound fencing, by contrast, is long-lasting and sturdy, being made of high-density double wiring. This was an ideal choice of main fencing for the Blaydon Leisure Centre as it can support high-impact sports, such as football, and absorb the shock of balls and other sporting equipment. Not only is the Super Rebound Fencing practical, but it is also sleek and attractive to look at, as well as being safe.

The second choice of wiring used across the Blaydon Leisure Centre is Zaun‘s Duo Sports Double Wiring Fencing. Duo Sports was chosen as it’s a great perimeter sports fencing, being able to withstand both light and heavy usage. This type of fencing was also used as it is both vandal-resistant and damage-resistant, meaning it boasts a professional and easily maintainable appearance with minimal cleaning. The Duo Sport fencing also offers the Leisure Centre noise reductive qualities, so players can concentrate on their games.

The third and final type of fencing installed on the new Blaydon Leisure Centre is also supplied by Zaun, and it is the Spectator Railing. As the name suggests, the Spectator Rails have been specifically designed with the safety of both the players and the spectators in mind. It’s robust and longstanding, having been manufactured from a combination of mesh infills and strong tubular sections. Despite this emphasis on practicality, the Spectator Rail is equally modest and attractive, as well as being lightweight and simple to set up. One of the other main reasons the Spectator Rail was chosen during the design stages of the Blaydon Leisure Centre overhaul is that it includes a fence safety channel, designed to protect spectators from any sharp edges.

Overall, the latest refurbishment project of the Blaydon Leisure Centre was a success, having improved the recreational facilities for sporting teams, and also the security of the premises for everyone on-site.