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Take advantage of the baseball buzz

Take advantage of the baseball buzz

23rd July 2019

At the end of June, we saw the first-ever Major League Baseball (MLB) games in Europe, with the old Olympic Stadium in London being used to host the event. Over two days, we saw huge crowds and a large appetite for baseball in the country.

The two games were seen as a success, and it will no doubt increase the support for baseball in the UK. The MLB has already decided to bring baseball back to London in 2020 when the St. Louis Cardinals face off against the Chicago Cubs.

Jump on the bandwagon

You often see basketball courts around the country, but not so much baseball. Given that the UK invented the game of rounders, it’s a surprise that the game isn’t more popular. Perhaps it’s the lack of facilities which is the issue.

You’d be able to solve that with a fantastic baseball cage. You would have high ball retention and give baseball enthusiasts a safe space to play their sport. In addition, they are great for practice as people won’t have to worry about the ball travelling all over the place.

We also provide cricket cages, and the reasons they are popular is similar. No one wants to have to put on all the pads to catch the ball behind the batsmen, and no one wants to have to chase the ball around a field when they don’t have to.

Our fencing will prevent foul balls from disappearing all the time, and the EPDM inserts and fixings will be able to reduce any noise caused by impacts. In addition, these cages can be fitted in numerous ways, and therefore you won’t have to worry about the surroundings.

No hassle baseball cages

As well as that, they don’t give any solid surface for graffiti and are high-quality. That means maintenance will be minimal, allowing you to provide a great centre for the sport that is easy to monitor with no hiding places.

It’s just one of the numerous great sports fencing options we have. Tennis, cricket, basketball, football fencing and hockey solutions can all also be found. Here at Zaun, we can transform any space into a sporting paradise. Contact us today to see how we can help you.