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Simple ways to improve your on-site datacentre security

Simple ways to improve your on-site datacentre security

10th September 2019

Many businesses still operate their own datacentre on-site which makes datacentre security vital for them. This is especially true in the modern age where sensitive data leaks or stolen hardware could prove disastrous to a companies reputation. Much focus is found around online security but protecting physical data centres is just as important. Unfortunately, many businesses do not always do all they could in this area which may leave them vulnerable.

If you are looking for simple ways to beef up your data centre security, the below should help.

Security fencing

Top-quality perimeter fencing around your premises is the best tip to keep your data centre safe. After all, if prospective intruders cannot access it physically, then they pose no threat. Woven or welded mesh fencing is used by many companies here as it is tough and hard to scale. By putting up an effective barrier around your business premises, you keep any would-be criminals away from your precious data and servers.

Restrict access

You may do this to some extent already, but it is worth really thinking about who can get into your server room. Ideally, it should be as a few members of staff as possible to keep security tight. By restricting access to a few key staff, you are greatly reducing the chances of any incidents, but also making it easier to find out the cause of any problems in the future.

Keep it locked

This is so basic that it hardly warrants a mention but you would be surprised by how many businesses leave their datacentre unlocked. This can be especially true in small to medium organisations where it may simply be one room inside the main building. Whether you use a lock and key or go for a keypad, make sure yours is locked so no random strangers can wander in.

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