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Four different ways your school could benefit from fencing

Four different ways your school could benefit from fencing

21st January 2016

Four different ways your school could benefit from fencing

Although security is the first thing that springs to mind when anyone thinks of fencing, it’s not the only reason why it’s essential both in and around a school. Pupil safety, sporting activity and storage are just some of the other reasons why fencing is vital at any educational facility. Here are some of the different ways your school could benefit from fencing:

1. Security

Of course, fencing around a school’s perimeter helps to keep it secure, ensuring vandals, thieves and other threats are kept out of the premises both during the day and at night. It goes without saying that every school needs perimeter fencing. However, there are other security measures which should be taken into consideration, such as bike lockers. Pupils riding their bikes to school need somewhere secure to keep them throughout the day, where they will be completely protected from theft or vandalism. Installing Zaun’s mesh bike lockers also means there is no longer any need for pupils to take off bike parts to prevent theft.

2. Safety

Fencing around a school indicates where the school premises begin and end, keeping students in and members of the public out. It also helps to prevent accidental and wilful trespassing, and stops any individuals who may pose a threat to the safety of the children from wandering on to the premises undetected.

3. Sporting activity

If you have outdoor football pitches and outdoor netball courts, erecting fencing around these areas separates them so that two games can’t interfere with one another. Also, by investing in fencing extras such as cricket lanes, recessed goals and basketball units, the pupils will feel more inspired to participate in sporting activities. As well as these, Zaun also manufacture spectator rails so that parents watching their children’s games have somewhere to stand.

4. Storage areas

Storage areas for bins can be created using mesh fencing. These will keep the children away from the bins, and keep all the school’s rubbish in one easily accessible space. It will also ensure the bins are secure when not in use, and when the school is closed.