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The challenging world of hotel security

The challenging world of hotel security

12th June 2018

Security is essential for all business premises. Regrettably, some types of premises are harder to secure than others. Hotels are among the most challenging premises to secure. That’s why, if you own or run a hotel, we’d like to dedicate this blog entry to giving you the advice you need to protect it from intruders and criminals. We’ll look at the unique difficulties associated with hotel security and explain how you can overcome them.

1. The problem with perimeters

Unlike most business premises, hotels need to be accessible to members of the public 24/7. Guests are likely to come and go at unusual hours, so you can’t completely seal off your hotel, even late at night. As a result, creating a conventional perimeter using security fencing isn’t a viable option. However, you can use security fencing with lockable gates to block access to entry points that the public isn’t supposed to use. Fencing these entrances off will ensure that everyone who enters your hotel must do so through an approved entryway. This makes it much easier to monitor who comes into and out of your hotel, which gives you a greater chance of spotting criminals and intruders. Of course, if someone does try to climb over a fence to get to a back or side entrance, you can be certain that they’re not a legitimate guest!

2. Distinguishing guests from intruders

Because hotels are open to all public members at all hours, it can be difficult to tell a guest from an intruder with criminal intent. Training your staff to remember and recognise paying guests can help, enabling them to spot people who aren’t meant to be in the building. However, it would help if you also considered investing in discreet CCTV cameras and deploying them throughout the corridors of your hotel. The easiest way to tell if someone’s an intruder is by monitoring their behaviour over CCTV. For example, intruders won’t have keys to a room and may try to break into one, or they may head for parts of the hotel that are off-limits to guests. Look out for these behaviours using CCTV.

3. Raising the alarm

Alarm systems are crucial to any business premises’ security. Unfortunately, putting intruder alarms in and around hotels isn’t always possible because legitimate guests are likely to trip them inadvertently. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use alarm systems at all. Instead, deploy your alarms in areas that guests aren’t supposed to be in and have no reason to go.

Here at Zaun, we believe that every type of business deserves top-quality security. By following our advice when you secure your hotel, you can make sure it is as well-defended as possible. You can also improve your security by choosing Zaun products. We offer truly excellent fencing, CCTV and alarm solutions, so look at our range today.