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South Korea confident in their ability to protect Olympic athletes

South Korea confident in their ability to protect Olympic athletes

09th September 2015

In three years, Pyeongchang in South Korea will be hosting the Winter Olympic Games, the first edition of the competition to be held anywhere in Asia other than Japan. Thomas Bach is the chief of the Olympics committee, and he has admitted that all major events such as the Olympics carry a security risk. Despite this, he is confident that the authorities in South Korea will keep all the athletes safe.

South Korea is widely considered a risky place to visit due to its difficult relationship with its neighbour North Korea. Although there have been some minor breakthroughs in recent times to reduce the threat of war between the two countries, tensions remain high. To counteract the potential threats, the security services in South Korea will be working closely with those from other countries to ensure that athletes and spectators alike will be safe.

Thomas Bach has described his recent visit to Pyeongchang as being very successful. He has noted that the preparations are right on track. This is an unusual situation for an Olympic Games since even in London, there was speculation beforehand about whether the facilities would be ready in time. It seems that with any large sporting event, the amount of work that needs to be done before it can take place is often underestimated.

In Pyeongchang, there had previously been concerns about setbacks regarding both the time that construction was taking and the cost of preparing the venues. As a result, there was speculation that certain events would have to be moved from Pyeongchang to a different area. In addition, suggestions were that many events would have to occur in Japan, where venues are already in place following the previous Winter Olympics.

Since that time, large South Korean businesses have stepped up to help with the cost of the preparation effort. LG, Kia, Hyundai, Korean Air and Samsung have put funds into the construction through sponsorship. However, security is likely to remain one of the major concerns about the event. There has been no suggestion that any athletes will not be attending, but it will be interesting to see whether the games attract as many spectators as other venues have in the past.

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