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Commonwealth Games – Innovative 7 Shaped CCTV Column

Commonwealth Games – Innovative 7 Shaped CCTV Column

Fears of a terrorist attack during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games led to a budget of £90 million being spent to improve security. Event organisers were particularly concerned about a Vehicle as a Weapon (VAW) attack on the crowds at the events and mob attacks on fencing, where multiple people either topple or scale and climb the fences.

The Scottish government was instrumental in determining the costs after studying the security in place at the 2012 London Olympics. The detailed security review followed what was described as a “comprehensive observation programme” at the Olympic Games.

This resulted in the Commonwealth Games’ organisers recognising a need to secure the venues for longer than originally planned. More security was proposed for the sporting venues, including perimeter fencing, CCTV and security checking equipment.

To combat the risk of VAW attacks, at Zaun we provided two of our high-security temporary fencing systems: the MultiFence PAS 68 HVM fence and barrier system and the innovative RDS PAS68 HVM crash fence system.

Designed in consultation with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and the Home Office, in preparation for the 2012 Olympics, the security fences have been used consistently for major events in the UK.

What Fencing Was Supplied?

MultiFence PAS 68 HVM fence

The MultiFence PAS 68 can stop a 7.5-tonne truck at both 30mph and 40mph. It has been designed to mitigate the security risks at all sites of critical importance, using leading industry technologies to combat attacks by vehicles.

It combines the attributes of our standard system with additional testing to ensure it meets the stringent quality standards relating to vehicle restraint systems of BS EN 1317 Part 2. It can be used on both soft and hard ground.

Featuring TVCB blocks approved by the Highways Agency for use, it is ideal for security applications at major events, as below-ground foundations are not required.

RDS PAS68 crash fence system

Our RDS PAS68 crash fence system consists of panels and posts that can be installed and removed within minutes. The system uses an RDS block with the appropriate post arrangement. Our RDS PAS68 fence system has been crash-tested and rated to BSI PAS68:2010 standard. This means it can stop 2.5-tonne and 7.5-tonne vehicles.

The system provides the product attributes normally only found in permanent installations. Its simple deployment means the on-site disruption usually associated with installing and removing a fence line is kept to a minimum.

Zaun also supplied our HiSec 358 anti-climb mesh fencing to combat the issue of intruders being able to scale the fence.


CPNI and the Government were concerned about the threat of a ladder or other climbing aids being used to lean against CCTV columns making it easier to scale the fencing and gain entry into the secure area.

Zaun’s solution was to create a number seven style CCTV column and base, which is completely self supported and mobile, but also sits back from the fence line. Zaun’s design team created an innovative CCTV column featuring unique number seven shape, and this design meant the CCTV column would project over, and outside of the fence line, providing excellent visibility and removing the external climbing aid threat completely. As the column was constructed from a custom-rolled, lightweight profile, it was also very easily installed on site. The unique design also included a concrete base, comprising of a folded steel shell, filled with concrete poured on site, and it incorporated fork-lift holes ensuring the base is mobile and relocatable easily by the use of a forklift or Moffatt on site.

At the top of the base a fixing system was designed which allowed the columns to be attached and pivoted and then subsequently raised into the upright position with ease. This system allowed the CCTV installers to mount their cameras and other equipment to the top of the column at ground level before raising the column into place, and negates the need for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms or MEWP’s.

Zaun designed and manufactured more than 700 CCTV columns and bases to be used at the Commonwealth Games, and are redeployable for use at other events