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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

22nd October 2020

The clip below shows Zaun’s latest appearance on ITV Central News, discussing the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and how Zaun can support our existing range of high-security temporary perimeter fencing. Zaun maintains a stock of many items for major events, including CCTV Camera Poles, RDS and MultiFence, which have been regularly installed at most of the major events that have taken place in the UK since the 2012 Olympics and the formation of the National Barrier Asset.

Zaun has experience designing, developing, and manufacturing bespoke solutions based fencing for major events, including NATO Summit, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, London 2012 Olympic Games, Party Conferences, and many more.

Fencing for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games


Track record for Major Events

Zaun has an unrivalled track record for delivering high-security temporary fencing for major events, supplying some of the United Kingdom’s largest events, including Olympic Games London 2012, Commonwealth Games 2014, NATO Summit, G7 Summit, Bilderberg Summit, to name a few. Zaun’s products are widely used to provide a high level of security to protect attendees to the events from potential risks.

Not only do Zaun’s temporary fencing systems provide organisers with a crash rated fencing system to protect against marauding vehicles, but the fencing is also rapidly deployable, requiring no grounding anchors, which supplies the event organisers with a system that will not require extensive installation and groundwork, nor will the fencing damage the existing ground conditions.