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Fencing for Ports

Fencing for ports or Maritime fencing is the first line of defence around any port, harbour, or marina. Each one offers its own set of challenges, but still with the overarching aim of keeping people safe whilst also providing an acceptable level of security.

With a high level of goods from around the world being transported by sea, ensuring the port is safe and secure is paramount. Protecting the ports from piracy, smuggling, trespassing, trafficking, theft, vandalism, unauthorised access, fishing and sailing.

Fencing for Ports

Perimeter Demarcation

Cargo Bays & Loading Areas

High Security

Construction Site Fencing

Port Security

Fencing for Ports

Marine Coating

Marine coating is a non-specific term generally used to describe a powder coating system that is considered suitable for fencing installed in coastal areas or areas subjected to high levels of industrial pollution with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres.

The name alone has no specific technical definition, so buyers/specifiers need to be careful to get what they expect. For example, one manufacturer may supply standard powder coating with an increased film thickness and describe it as “Marine”; another may apply a two-coat (duplex) system with additional film thickness. The latter would be considerably more expensive and, if specified and applied properly, much more effective at extending service life. Zaun recommends Duplex systems, and when we talk about Marine coating, that is what we mean.

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