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Zaun enters CNI debate in Sweden

Zaun enters CNI debate in Sweden

13th October 2015

Zaun has attended its first public security exhibition in Sweden, as part of its membership of ADS, the premier trade organisation advancing the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries.

ADS, working with UK Trade and Investment Defence & Security Organisation, staged the exhibition at the British Ambassador’s residence in Stockholm in October.

The UK was Sweden’s 5th largest export market in 2013 (£7bn), and its 5th largest source of imports in 2013 (£6 bn). It is one of the highest growth economies in Europe with a forecast GDP growth for 2015 at 2.7% and 2016 at 3.3%. Sweden’s defence spending is going up, which could present opportunities for British industry.

Critical National Infrastructure was the centrepiece of the exhibition as the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency is undergoing a major assessment and change to the way CNI organisations are structured when it comes to major catastrophic events, both weathering and recovering from these serious disruptions.