Prime Minister David Cameron has asked for Zaun’s opinions on the economy as he celebrated GDP figures showing 1.9% growth in 2013.

The PM’s office asked Zaun to comment for news outlets on trading conditions and other high profile business leaders in the West Midlands.

Zaun co-founder and director Alastair Henman said: “Trading conditions have been tough over the last few years. Customers expect more and demand a high level of service whilst opportunities are scarce. So we have had to innovate and add more value to keep ahead and busy. Those efforts are really starting to pay off as the activity level starts to increase.

“Both home and export markets are exciting and actual. We have recruited to move back to 24hr operation and employed new technical staff to ensure we make the most of our resources. 2014 is looking very exciting indeed. I hope the government recognises the need for not just a mixed economy but a mixed manufacturing base – not everything needs to be high-tech, but there is a need to strive to be world-class in your sector and to invest for success.“

Paul Noon, UK Trade & Industry’s Regional Director for the West Midlands, said: “The last year has seen a dramatic rise in the export of goods from the West Midlands. In 2012-2013, the region exported goods worth £22,640 million. Already this year (2013-2014), exports from the region have reached £19,350 million. This fantastic success is being led by the likes of JLR and JCB but with many smaller companies contributing to the continued improvement in our export figures. We are confident this trend will continue, especially with an increased effort to work with a wide range of local partners and encourage more mid-sized businesses (MSBs) to improve their export efforts.

“We’ll continue to support businesses of all sizes to grow through exports and have market visits planned across the globe, including USA, UAE, China and Brazil.

Andy Street, Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership Chair, said: “There is a feeling our businesses are fighting back and are gradually turning the corner. While we are always cautious about putting too much faith in statistics presented in isolation, the continuing downward trend in unemployment in Greater Birmingham is encouraging.

“If we look at this alongside Greater Birmingham’s success in attracting inward investment and our recent figures that show 19,000 new private-sector jobs were created in 2011-12, we see plenty to provide us with cautious optimism. With the work were are doing as an LEP and the exciting proposals being developed as part of our submission to the Local Growth Fund, we have longer-term job creation plans that will take us further.”

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About Zaun

Zaun is the only in-house British Manufacturer of Woven and Welded Mesh Fencing Systems. For 27 years, they have been the trusted manufacturing partner for sports and physical perimeter security. With a wide range of fencing, gate, and HVM solutions they can offer Protection Through Innovation for your next project.

Located in the West Midlands, they are a privately owned company first formed in 1996 and continuing to promote British manufacturing on the world stage. A proud member of Made in Britain and Made in the West Midlands, Zaun has worked on numerous projects around the world from Border Security and Airports, to Sports and Critical National Infrastructure.

The continued investment in their manufacturing processes and systems has enabled the latest in problem-solving and innovation. At the same time, an approach to ‘The Right People in the Right Places’ puts the customer experience at the heart of their business.

The quality of their wide range of systems is assured through ISO 9001 and third-party certification for high-security and HVM solutions including LPS 1175, Secured by Design, Approved for UK Government Use (NPSA), and PAS 68.

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