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Bradford streets benefit from security railings

Bradford streets benefit from security railings

28th January 2016

Bradford streets benefit from security railings

Homes in Bradford are to be made more secure thanks to a £50,000 investment in railings.

The Incommunities scheme has put up the fund to improve security around the social housing sites on Moorgate Avenue, and local residents have already voiced their appreciation for the new instalment. The difference to the security on the street has also been highlighted by Mohammed Shafiq, the local ward councillor for Bradford Moor.

The fencing has prevented cars from parking on the grass verge in front of the flats, a problem that was causing noise pollution as well as litter issues.

Mr Shafiq told local newspaper, the Bradford Telegraph and Argus: “The fencing has enhanced the safety and improved the street scene. Residents had seen cars parked on grass areas, damaging the frontage and making the street look untidy and unkempt. Tenants are pleased that their landlord is providing the best possible properties which are safe and secure.”

The fencing has been built with gated entry points, allowing access for residents, and it is expected to make tenancies in the area more attractive by enhancing its visual appeal.

The Incommunities scheme has another 15 environmental schemes planned in the Bradford area which it says will be completed no later than March of this year. In keeping with its commitment to serving the neighbourhoods of Bradford, Incommunities has produced a ‘repairs handbook’ for residents, with details of how to notify the council of any damages to the security fencing that has been installed.

On top of their positive impact on the visual aspect of the area, the railings are also expected to improve security. Experts believe that thieves and burglars are less likely to target a residential block, which makes it more difficult to target easy points of access to a building.

In 2014, Yougov produced a report which named Bradford the location “considered Britain’s most dangerous city” as a result of its nationwide survey, with more respondents to the poll (42%) saying they thought of the city as “unsafe” than “safe” (35%). The research questioned residents in the UK’s ten most populous cities.