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Have you got the power?

Have you got the power?

03rd March 2016

Have you got the power?

When you think of electric fences, you’re probably going to think of two purposes. The first is likely to be a high protection level for government buildings and the military, and the second is around livestock on farms. After all, both these uses are common, and have been around for many years.

Electric fences installed for security usually comprise of bare metal wires. These are kept taut, and have supporting, insulated posts spaced along the length of the wire. A box, called an energiser, sends short pulses of electricity around the wire.

The deterrent comes in the form of a human or animal, who has at least one part of their body touching the ground, thereby earthing themselves and preventing large scale injury. Touching the exposed metal will expose them to the pulses of electricity, and give them a small electric shock. The law states that electric fences are not allowed to deliver any level of electric shock which could harm a person.

As time has gone on, electric fencing has become a popular form of security, particularly on commercial premises, with plenty of different applications.

Quite often, just the sight of an electric fence will deter a potential intruder, and it shouldn’t take too much contact with the electric fence to completely deter anyone planning some sort of unauthorised entry to your property.

Electric fences are also great for open environments like fields, compounds and storage yards. With an electric fence, you shouldn’t need to worry about patrolling your property either outside or inside your opening hours.

If you want to increase the security level of your electric fence, you can also choose to install a sensor or alarm system which detects pressure which an intruder could be putting on the fence during an attempted break in. This can be linked to your own on-site security staff, or linked to a remote monitoring system, CCTV system, or off site personnel.

Electric fencing is just one of the many types of security fencing which Zaun can provide to keep your premises safe. Get in touch with us today, and let’s talk about how Zaun can give you the peace of mind you deserve for your business.