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3 benefits of security fencing for your cricket club

3 benefits of security fencing for your cricket club

16th December 2017

With the 2017 Ashes currently underway in Australia, all cricket lovers will be enjoying the game’s finest spectacle. But, of course, organising a major event such as the Ashes requires a lot of planning in terms of security and keeping the perimeter of the grounds safe. One of the key ways organisers will do this is with top-quality sports fencing.

If you run a cricket club or are part of the committee, then effective sports fencing could help you if you don’t currently have it in place. Planning now to have any sports fencing installed when the cricket season is resting will mean that it is ready for when it starts again.

Here’s why sports fencing is so key for your cricket club:

It will keep your pitch secure

Naturally, one of the main areas you will spend time on as a cricket club is the upkeep of your pitch. Keeping it in good repair to play on is key, and you don’t want intruders getting onto it at night to undo all your hard work. Installing sports fencing will stop anyone breaching your perimeter and accessing the pitch who shouldn’t be there. Without it, your precious pitch is an open target for any vandals or intruders.

It will also keep your club-house safe

As well as the pitch, your cricket clubhouse and changing rooms are a crucial part of your set-up. Having somewhere for players to change and then relax socially afterwards is really important. By putting high-class sports fencing around your boundary, you will protect these buildings from burglars and ensure they stay in great condition too.

Less time chasing the ball!

One more light-hearted reason to install sports fencing at your cricket club is that you will spend less time chasing the ball if it gets hit for 4 or 6! This is because the sports fencing will catch all but the biggest slogs to make it easier to retrieve the ball. In addition, it will also lead to fewer lost balls in rivers or woodland and so save you money on buying new ones.

If you require top-quality sports fencing or perimeter fencing, then give Zaun a call today! We are experts in this field and can help keep your sports facilities secure from any unwanted attention at great value for money.