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Securing Christmas markets – the benefits of HVM products

Securing Christmas markets – the benefits of HVM products

14th November 2017

It’s the sad truth that Christmas markets around the world have become prime targets for radical attacks. Heavy crowds of people at a Christian event makes them potentially risky places to be. Berlin fell victim to such an attack in 2016 when a truck deliberately drove into the crowds and killed 12 whilst injuring many more. However, some anti-terror products can be used to safeguard Christmas markets, particularly temporary Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) products.

HVM products

HVM products are designed to lock down areas that are vulnerable to vehicle attacks. Here are some such products and the benefits of deploying them at local Christmas markets. They are temporary, so all can be transported away after the event is over.

The Multi Fence PAS68

The Multi Fence PAS68 has no foundations or anchors but is fully capable of stopping a 7.5ft high vehicle from travelling at speeds of up to 40mph. Assembly is relatively straightforward, and the whole system can be taken away once the event is over.

RDS PAS 68 fencing

Again, the RDS 68 is fully portable, meaning it can be assembled very quickly when needed and then disassembled when no longer necessary. It meets all official regulations and rigorous testing standards, which means it can stop vehicles weighing between 2.5 and 7.5 tonnes. RDS PAS 68 fencing is great as it can be combined with further perimeter safety monitoring systems like CCTV. Practically speaking, it is great, as pedestrian walkways can easily be included.

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCB)

TVCBs are made from high strength concrete and then reinforced with steel. They are commonly used on motorways to deflect strong blows from cars travelling at fast speeds. These could be perfect for protecting a car park and doubles as a great flood defence as well.

Zaun Ltd is a security specialist in vehicle attack prevention, and we can offer venue organisers all of the aforementioned products. Click on the link for each and find out more. To discuss an upcoming Christmas market or another major event, contact us today for more support and guidance.