wire mesh

At home with wire mesh fences

Harper Chalice

Harper Chalice lures Binns to dealer network

Armaweave Raking Mesh Raking Fence

ArmaWeave achieves steepest raking yet

welded mesh

The benefits of welded mesh fencing

Fence toppings

Do you need new fence toppings?

Palisade Cladding

Zaun devises ingenious high-security ArmaWeave upgrade to Palisade

Mesh fencing advantages

What advantages does mesh fencing have over palisade style fencing?


Demountable fencing secures EDF underground gas chambers

Mesh Fencing Middle East

Miles of mesh in Middle East desert

permanent and temporary fencing Security for Energy Compound

Zaun’s RDS protects huge London energy upgrade works

Prison Drones

Prison drones pioneers introduce Government to perimeter savings

Gas Bottle Storage Cages Mesh Storage Cage

Uses for a mesh storage cage