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01. Duo Sports

The Duo Sports double wire sports fencing system has been designed and evolved from the Duo 6 and Duo 8 perimeter fencing system. Perfect for both light or heavy usage courts and pitches with MUGAs (multi use games areas), the Duo Sports 8 sports fencing system is ideal for use in urban or rural settings.

The Duo Sports fencing system is manufactured from either dual horizontal 6mm wires sandwiching single 5mm vertical wires (Duo 6 Sports) or 8mm wires sandwiching single 6mm vertical wires (Duo 8 Sports). This produces a 50mm x 200mm mesh pattern that is not only strong and vandal resistance but also offers the best value.

One of the major stumbling blocks during the planning of sports courts is noise that occurs during play. Duo Sports has been developed to overcome the rattle that so many residents object to. With fixings every 200mm this double wire sports fencing system uses twice as many fixings to mount the panels to the posts. This ensures there is minimum movement between the two. Furthermore, each fixing uses a synthetic EPDM insert to insulate the panel from the post and proven to reduce noise by circa 29%.

Duo Sports is a highly rigid panel system, providing strength to the fence even when under stress from people, balls or sports equipment making it the perfect MUGA Fencing System.


All Zaun posts/panels/gates and painted auxiliary components (for example clamp-bars, slide bolts etc) benefit from a protective zinc layer and electrostatically applied polyester powder coating to BS1722 p16. Care is taken with pre-treatment to ensure sound adhesion between the zinc layer and the paint. In a UK C1 environment, as defined in ISO 12944 p2, this should ensure a useful life expectancy of the fence of at least 15-20 years. Life expectancy in all environments can be extended by maintenance of the fencing with regular washing. Useful life will be reduced if the fencing is damaged. Any coating damage should be repaired to reduce the effect on useful life.

Enhanced painting systems such as marine coatings are also available for improved life expectancy in C2-C5M environments.

For a full list of standard colours, click here

Posts & Fixings

The Duo Sports double wire mesh fencing system features a post, EPDM rubber inserts and clamp bar configuration, providing a simple and easy method of installation. Supplied with vandal-proof security fixings and installed using either power or hand tools.

Sloping Ground

Panels may be stepped in increments of 30mm as required within the clamp bar system. If the gradient exceeds 1:16 it is recommended that the taller panels are either part buried or additional posts are used.


Posts are available in different lengths to accommodate panel heights and ground conditions. Additional variations are also available:

Double Wire Sports Fencing Gates

Pedestrian gates are single leaf 1.2m wide, (or width to suit), framed in a 50mm x 50mm RHS with Zaun Duo Sports mesh welded inside the frame, with slide latch. Gate supplied with rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts.

Vehicle access gates are double leaf (single leaf vehicle gates available) 3.0m wide (or width to suit), framed in 50mm x 50mm RHS, with Zaun Duo Sports mesh welded inside the frame, with drop bolts and slide latch. Gate supplied with rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts.

Duo Sports Fencing Samples Available

Samples of Zaun Duo Sports are available upon request, to request your free sample please click here.



Features and Benefits
  • 50mm x 200mm open mesh increases visibility to ensure there are no hiding places for the safety of players
  • Twin wire structure provides a rigid strong mesh panel that is low maintenance and provides no solid surface for vandals
  • Continuous panel without mid-rails to injure players
  • 8mm twin horizontal wires & 6mm vertical wire or 6mm twin horizontal wires & 5mm vertical wires
  • Extra wire increase panel strength
  • Anti tamper fixings for a secure installation
  • Galvanised & polyester powder coated panels & posts
  • Reduces noise and rattle caused by ball impact with EPDM inserts and fixings every 200mm
  • Full length clamp bars for flush playing side of pitches
  • Excellent rebound properties and will not degrade like wooden boards
  • No mid-rails to injure players with fixings every 200mm
  • Available with matching goal and basketball ends
  • Supplied with standard or minimal projections at the top of the panel
  • Available either bolt down, in ground or on wall
  • High visibility with no hiding places (anti-bullying)
Download To download our Duo Sports datasheet please click on the link below; To download our Q40 specification sheet please click on the link below;
Height:1008mm / 2030mm / 2430mm / 3030mm / 4070mm / 4470mm / 5070mm Note: Fence heights above 3m are made using 2 or more panels
Panel Width:2510mm
Mesh Size:200mm x 50mm
Wire Diameter:Duo 6 Sports - 5mm Verticals & 2 x 6mm Horizontals Duo 8 Sports - 6mm Verticals & 2 x 8mm Horizontals
Top Edge Projection:None (Flush on all edges)
Post Sizes:60 x 60 / 80 x 40 / 100 x 50 / 120 x 60 dependant on height
Clamp Bar Size:40 x 5mm
Post Centres:2525mm
Fixing Centres:200mm
Fixings:Anti Tamper Security Fixings

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