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4 reasons to invest in secure school fencing

4 reasons to invest in secure school fencing

03rd October 2019

The right school fencing is important. It seems obvious, but there may actually be more reasons than you might expect for investing in secure school fencing.

Here are four reasons why school fencing should be a top priority for your educational establishment:

Stop runaways in their tracks

Not all students are enthusiastic learners. Keeping them on-site is essential for their safety. You have a responsibility to keep your students safe, whether they’re youngsters that are likely to wander off and explore or are older pupils that might make an escape deliberately. Keeping the school gates closed, with well-maintained fencing all round, reduces the risk of any young person making their great escape.

Keep unregistered visitors away

You know the importance of school security. You have strict rules and processes for visitors. But, these fall apart if there are other ways onto school premises.

High-quality school fencing ensures that nobody finds other ways into school grounds. Nobody can bypass your school security if there’s only one way into the school, past a secure reception. School fencing should be high enough, and secure enough, that unwanted trespassers cannot gain access.

Good first impressions for parents and visitors

When parents visit your school, they want to feel that it’s a safe environment in which their little ones can learn. Visitors want to see that your school cares about safety, and that it looks well-kept. Rusty old fences simply won’t make the right impression.

When Ofsted come to call, it’s important that you can proudly show how you’re focused on safeguarding. Visitors of every type should see a school that looks smart and keeps students safe.

Keep school safe out of hours

Safety and security are important even when your school’s closed. After hours, troublemakers find their fun in walking through schools after dark. Anyone with access to your school can cause damage, or be involved in theft. School budgets are stretched, and you simply can’t afford to be a victim of theft, vandalism or arson. Those actions don’t just hit the budget, but also affect every student.

High-security school fencing, maintained to a high standard, improves security when nobody’s on site. Your school is important, and the right fencing is absolutely essential.