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Enhancing school security with perimeter fencing

Enhancing school security with perimeter fencing

10th August 2017

Nothing is more important than children’s safety. While parents will do everything they can to ensure their child is secure, they aren’t with them at all times. It’s essential, therefore, that schools and educational institutions invest in safety as well.

One of the main concerns regarding school security is the possibility of someone gaining access to the site without proper authorisation. While someone may wander onto school land without realising it’s private, there is also the possibility that someone could roam onto the site intentionally, which could have devastating consequences.

Does school fencing work?

There are various options available when implementing security solutions. Perimeter fencing, for example, enables schools to secure the entire site, meaning that only authorised personnel can access the school land, buildings and playgrounds.

Such fencing also ensures that students can’t wander off the property. This is of particular concern when it comes to younger children, as they could easily become distracted and stray off school land if they’re able to do so.

Security fencing will, therefore, maintain the integrity of the site, protect students from strangers, and prevent younger children from going further than their designated areas.

Creating custom school security

As every site is different, they will have varying security requirements. Larger secondary schools and colleges, for example, may cater for hundreds of students, and their needs will differ from a small primary school. Indeed, the ages of the students attending the institution will determine what security measures are necessary.

As most educational institutions have long summer breaks and regular half-terms, it is often easy for security measures, such as perimeter fencing, to be installed without students present – although, of course, safety is paramount, so you should get perimeter fencing added whenever you need to do so.

At Zaun, we understand that each school has different requirements, and our experts can advise you on which of our perimeter fencing systems suit your premises, based on cost and the level of security you require. So, to learn more about effective school security and secure fencing in the education sector, why not get in touch with us today?