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The importance of secure bike storage in schools

The importance of secure bike storage in schools

17th May 2016

The importance of secure bike storage in schools

People are increasingly being encouraged to take up cycling, as a way to improve their health and also as an alternative form of transport. However, as more people start to purchase bikes, this means there is greater need for secure storage, in order to avoid theft. The growing value of secure bike storage emulates the continuing rise in bike ownership in the UK.

Anyone who has bought a bike recently will know that they can be costly, especially as they become increasingly sophisticated. Young people often find themselves victims of bike theft as they tend to use their bikes quite often, including to travel to school. Therefore the importance of keeping bikes safe for both pupils and staff in schools and other educational institutions is becoming increasingly paramount.

According to Thames Valley Police, hundreds of thousands of bikes are stolen each year, including from school premises. Traditional methods of securing bikes, for example bike locks, can provide inadequate when it comes to preventing theft. Fortunately, we provide excellent value for customers and offer the ideal solution for any area where bicycles are likely to be left unsupervised.

The benefits of secure bike storage in schools includes being able to create peace of mind for both pupils and parents. Having secure bike lockers on the premises will also add to overall school security. The lockers provided within schools need to be robust and affordable, due to the number that may be required on the premises.

Schools and other educational establishments can purchase individual bike lockers, which encourages pupils to be responsible for their own bicycles. Zaun Bike Lockers use a simple, yet strong, locking system to ensure the security of the bike. This allows for ease of use and greater accessibility for students and staff in schools.

The benefit of individual bike lockers mean that the bicycle is completely secure and cannot be tampered with, which provides pupils with a sense of security in regards to their personal belongings. Secure bike lockers can also benefit pupils by making them aware of the importance of securing their personal items.