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Six Nations 2020: Tips on getting your rugby pitches ready to take advantage of the buzz

Six Nations 2020: Tips on getting your rugby pitches ready to take advantage of the buzz

25th February 2020

The Rugby Six Nations tournament is with us again and is due to run until mid-March 2020. This is one of the premier annual tournaments in rugby and sees teams like England, Ireland and Wales battle it out for the trophy. It is also a tournament that captures the public’s attention and creates a real buzz around the game – even from people who may normally not take much notice of it!

The knock-on effect for public rugby pitches is that there can be an increased demand from people to use them. This can also be true for school rugby pitches where more pupils may suddenly opt to play rugby in lessons. But what can you do now to make sure your pitches are ready for this?

Make sure you have effective security fencing.

One great tip to get your pitches ready for use is to ensure robust perimeter fencing in place. This is naturally very important for schools where the safeguarding of pupils is key and important for public pitches. Effective fencing will keep out those who should not have access when games are being played and prevent vandals from damaging pitches when not in use. Even if you do have some erected currently, take the time to make sure it is in good repair and arrange to have it fixed if not.

Remark any lines

When it comes to outdoor rugby pitches, the line markings are significant—this help split the pitches into sections for the players to see and reduce any disputes in-game. Having clearly marked areas will help define when a try is scored or when the ball goes out, for example. If the lines on your pitches are faded or non-existent, make sure to give them a once-over, so you are ready for any surge in demand the Six Nations brings.

Keep the grass well mown.

Playing rugby on any outdoor pitch will be hard with tall grass to navigate! However, even slightly too long grass will hinder the ball’s natural bounce and make it hard for players to move around. To avoid this on your own pitches, make sure to mow the grass to keep trim. While you do not want to go too short, it should not be a length that interferes with the general play.

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