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Perfect security fencing to deter terrorist attacks

Perfect security fencing to deter terrorist attacks

10th December 2019

The current threat level for terrorist attacks in the UK is ‘Substantial’ and in Northern Ireland, ‘Severe’. This means that attacks are likely for the UK and Northern Ireland; they are highly likely. As we have noticed recently, terrorism comes without warning and can strike at any time, anywhere. Whether it will affect you depends very much on the type of business you are in or the building you are located in. Whereas terrorism may not have been uppermost in our minds a few years ago, most people are infinitely more security-conscious now.

Secure your entry and access points

Industrial welded mesh is the perfect security fencing to deter terrorists. When installed around the perimeter of a site, it creates a robust barrier and formidable deterrent. However, installing a strong security barrier is pointless if your entry and access points are not protected. How you secure these points depends on how exposed you feel to terrorism. For example, you may want to install an electronic coded pad, remote-controlled security gates or even employ security staff.

Industrial welded mesh security fencing also deters thieves and vandals. However, cutting through the fence is difficult and time-consuming without specialist equipment, and the height is difficult to scale. Criminals look for easy pickings and not time-consuming scenarios, making it easier for them to be apprehended.

Intelligent security fencing

Intelligent security fencing is installed around many UK prisons, laboratories, airports and Ministry of Defence bases. It’s also used to protect valuable stock and equipment that is stored on-site. There is a wide range of accessories available for fencing, including security lighting, alarms and cameras, to name a few. Industrial welded mesh is perfect for being accessorised. Above all, it will keep you, your personnel and your possessions safe.

Professional fencing installation

Installing and erecting security fencing to deter terrorists is not a job for amateurs. Professional fencing contractors must be employed to gain the optimum benefit. Invariably, if you use cheap and inexperienced labour, you’ll end up having to get the job done properly sooner or later. So when you invest in industrial welded mesh fencing, it’s worth investing in professionals to install it.

At Zaun, we are more than happy to share our expert knowledge with you about different types of security fencing. Furthermore, we can also advise on the best type for your specific projects.