High Security

Water Utility Fencing

Water Utility Fencing for Thames Water with ArmaWeave

Longleat pride at big cat homes

HVM System

Do you need a HVM system?

CorruSec SR4 Fencing LPS1175 SR Ratings LPS1175 Issue 8 Fencing 10 Minute Delay Fence 20 minute fence

Zaun develops ‘world first’ 20-minute security fence

airport perimeter

Maintaining the security of your airport perimeter

Razor Wire Barbed Tape fence topping

The right fence topping for the right sector

wire mesh

The story of fencing and why wire mesh makes sense

Vancouver Psychiactric Hospital

Zaun fencing first at Vancouver psychiatric hospital

perimeter fencing for data centres

Why use perimeter fencing for data centres?


How to tell a great security fence from a poor one

high security fencing perimeter fencing

Welded mesh fencing – the solution to prison and high security fencing issues


RDS innovations make it even more flexible