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Maintaining the security of your airport perimeter

Maintaining the security of your airport perimeter

16th April 2019

Any 21st-century airport is a high-risk environment. Threats of terrorism, attacks on fuel sources and potential hijack mean any global airport must have a strong perimeter to prevent chaos and protect employees and passengers. Moreover, any breach of an airport perimeter has a cost impact through grounded flights, and negative publicity also affects airport reputation.

Your airport perimeter fencing is your first line of defence

Chain link fencing is really no solution to airport perimeter security in the modern era. The team at Zaun have put together the following perimeter security tips for airport facility managers in any global location:

  1. Installing the right levels of security fencing and access controls are essential in the airport sector.
  2. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the US suggest that airport fencing designs and types should vary and be relative to “local security needs”. Ideally, fences need to be low maintenance and offer security personnel clear visibility to assess threats.

Benefits of secure perimeter fencing

Some of the advantages offered by a secure perimeter fence include:

  • Marker of the extent of the airport limits
  • Controls and screens all authorised entries into secure areas
  • CCTV and intruder detection helps support security personnel with detection, surveillance and all other essential functions of their job. When this type of fencing is in place, any intrusions can automatically be seen as a demonstration of hostile intent
  • Acts as a deterrent to casual intrusions
  • Delays intrusion attempts and increases possibilities of detection and apprehension

Some available options

Ideally, airport perimeters should utilise a range of security products to protect all the different areas of the site. These can include:

If you need to upgrade the perimeter security solutions at your airport, contact Zaun to discuss your needs in detail. We’re the experts at offering integrated security solutions that work in any location.