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The importance of security for public transport terminals

The importance of security for public transport terminals

09th February 2017

Here at Zaun, we offer security solutions for many types of sites. We understand that it’s not just businesses and major centres of civic activity that require protection. For example, public transport terminals are one type of site where comprehensive security measures are essential. Train stations, coach stations, ports and other public transport terminals need perimeter fencing and other security measures more than you might realise. In fact, security solutions serve several vital purposes in the world of public transport.

1. Revenue protection

Without adequate security measures, it is easy for miscreants to sneak aboard trains and other forms of public transport without paying. If enough people do this, it can seriously damage the transport provider’s profits and even undermine their ability to operate. So if you are in charge of a public transport terminal, don’t underestimate the importance of revenue protection or the extent to which a Zaun security solution can help you with it.

2. Terrorism prevention

Sadly, we live in an age when terrorists and extremists are willing to attack innocent public members to achieve their goals. Public transport links are often targeted by terrorists, possibly because they believe that destroying them can damage the nation’s connectedness and ability to function cohesively. Simply installing security fencing, CCTV, and other security measures can make it much harder for terrorists to launch a successful attack, particularly when these measures are deployed in conjunction with well-trained security personnel.

3. Vandalism minimisation

Public transport terminals are often targeted by vandals and graffiti artists. While these miscreants may not damage the terminal’s infrastructure, they can make it appear less inviting. This makes it a much less appealing place for employees and customers to spend time. Protect your customers and your staff with robust, effective security measures.

If you’re in charge of a public transport terminal, don’t overlook security. It’s essential for protecting your revenue, preventing terrorism and stopping vandals. We offer a comprehensive range of security solutions here at Zaun, and we’re always happy to install them, too. So don’t delay: secure your public transport terminal as soon as possible.