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Why our security solutions are completely comprehensive

09th February 2016

Why our security solutions are completely comprehensive

Here at Zaun, our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive and secure fencing solution possible. Many security fencing companies focus on just one part of the solution: some businesses design security solutions, whereas some manufacture fencing panels and others specialise in installing them. At Zaun, we do all three: we design perimeter fencing solutions, make the panels and install the solution. In short, we can handle your security needs all the way from conception to installation. We believe that this gives us a number of advantages over our more specialised competitors.

1. We understand the solution

When we manufacture and install fencing panels and security barriers, we are guided by a deep understanding of the security solution that they will comprise. This is because we designed that solution ourselves. When a customer places an order with us, we consider their needs carefully and design tailored CAD drawings that will help us manufacture panels and barriers that precisely match their ideal security solution. Our fencing is very secure because we are able to design a solution and then manufacture panels and barriers that fit into it perfectly.

2. We understand the fencing

It is important to install perimeter fencing in a way that makes the most of its structural strengths. It’s also important to anticipate and minimise any potential problems. Because we manufacture our own fencing, we know everything about it. Consequently, we are able to position it and support it optimally during the installation process. Our security fences and barriers can stand up to any challenge, provided they’re installed correctly. Naturally, we know exactly how to do that.

3. Most importantly, we understand our customers

Because we handle every aspect of our customers’ security needs, we understand them far better than our more specialised rivals. After all, they only see a small part of the picture: we see the whole thing. As a result, we can deliver more personal, carefully-tailored security solutions.

If you need to secure your business or event, get in touch with us. We can handle the design, manufacture and installation of your fencing and deliver a perimeter solution that suits your needs and offers you the greatest possible level of protection.