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Three sites where railings are the perfect boundary solution

Three sites where railings are the perfect boundary solution

02nd February 2017

Three sites where railings are the perfect boundary solution

At Zaun, we understand that high-security perimeter fencing isn’t appropriate for every location. However, even in these cases, it’s still important to create a boundary that shows where your land site begins. This can prevent trespassing and encourage respect for the area enclosed by the boundary. That’s why we offer a variety of stylish railing solutions.

Some of our solutions (such as our solid vertical bar railings) can be tall enough to actively combat attempts at intrusion. Others (such as our Holloway railings) are discreet and aesthetically-pleasing: they are designed purely to delineate the limits of your site. But what sort of sites are railing solutions best suited to? We’ve come up with a list of three.

1. Public spaces such as parks and sports fields

If you are in charge of maintaining a public area that is open 24 hours a day, you may not wish to surround the area with security fencing. However, you should still establish a clear boundary to show members of the public exactly where the space begins and ends. This will help them to obey any rules associated with the space, such as keeping off planted areas or keeping dogs on leads. After all, they need to know where the space is in order to obey any rules that apply within it. Railings are very helpful in this case: they can unobtrusively delineate the boundaries of the public space without impeding public access.

2. Schools in safer areas

Of course, some schools require full-blow security fencing solutions. If a school is in an area with a high crime-rate or is at risk of being targeted by criminals, it should be properly protected. However, if you are in charge of a school in an area with a lower crime-rate, you may wish to consider opting for railings instead. Railings can encourage pupils to remain on the school’s grounds without creating an environment that seems defensive or isolated. You can opt for taller railings, or railings with pointed finials if you are slightly concerned about security.

3. Residential buildings

If you run a site containing a number of rented residential buildings, you may wish to demarcate the site to discourage non-residents from trespassing. Whether you’re a landlord or simply someone who has been charged with looking after the area, you probably don’t want people who don’t live on the site to use it constantly. Since residents need to move in and out freely, security fencing may not be appropriate. However, railings are a great way to show the site’s limits and discourage intrusion without preventing access.

These are just three examples of spaces where railings are a great option for establishing boundaries. If you think your site or premises would benefit from railings, why not let us know today?