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Why physical security is just as important as cyber security

Why physical security is just as important as cyber security

07th August 2016

If you run a modern, cutting-edge business, it can be tempting to focus almost exclusively on cyber-security. After all, your businesses most valuable information, probably stored in the hard drives of computers rather than physically. What’s more, many of your business’s main functions, probably governed by software. However, while cyber-security is important, it’s important not to neglect physical security measures, such as perimeter fencing, integrating fencing solutions and CCTV. If you focus solely on cyber-security and forget about physical security, you may leave your business’s premises exposed and vulnerable. Here at Zaun, we specialise in the provision of perimeter fencing and other physical security measures. Consequently, we understand how disastrous it can be for a business to ignore this aspect of security.

You may believe that all your most valuable assets are online or stored safely on one of your own servers. But an intruder can still do a lot of damage if they gain access to your business’s physical premises and assets. Office equipment may get stolen by thieves and your premises vandalised by hooligans and miscreants. Even if your business’s digital assets aren’t harmed, physical theft and vandalism can still be costly and very damaging. If you need time to replace stolen equipment or repair vandalised items, your business’s efficiency can also be significantly impaired. Worse still, the computers on which your business depends can be stolen like any other piece of office equipment if you don’t have adequate physical security. The best cyber-security in the world won’t help you if you haven’t protected your physical computer terminals.

Luckily, you may deal with these potential threats very easily. At Zaun, we like to think that we’ve perfected many means of physical security. Our security fencing or secure cladding used to keep out most prospective intruders. You can also combine it with other security systems and measures, such as CCTV, fence toppings and alarm systems for extra protection.

If you run a high-tech modern business, don’t forget about old-fashioned, reliable physical security measures. Cyber-security is, of course, useful because it might save your data. However, fencing and physical security can save your business.