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What is the right level of security for your business?

What is the right level of security for your business?

26th January 2017

What is the right level of security for your business?

Choosing the right security equipment to protect your business isn’t always easy. Here at Zaun, we understand that you need to balance security concerns, your budget and the need to maintain a friendly and approachable public image. While every business is different, we can offer some general guidelines on protecting yours. So here we’ll look at how much security your business needs based on its size and the sector in which it operates.

1. Small, local businesses and service-sector businesses

Local businesses and businesses in the service sector need to maintain approachable, friendly images in order to draw customers in. They need to garner public support and attention by ensuring that they are seen as part of their local communities. Consequently, they can’t afford to appear overly-fortified. Nonetheless, security is important for these businesses. We recommend that local businesses and businesses in the service sector install a discreet CCTV system or alarm system and a light security fencing option, such as Axiom. Such businesses may even wish to consider installing railings instead of security fencing, as they can seem more approachable. These security measures are affordable and friendly.

2. Medium-sized businesses

Medium-sized businesses are more likely to be targeted by criminal intruders than their smaller counterparts. However, they still need to project an air of friendliness for the benefit of prospective customers. If you run a business of this size, we suggest that you install both a CCTV and alarm system. You should also invest in robust-but-stylish security fencing. We can offer powder-coated fencing that looks attractive but can repel intruders very effectively. You may also wish to invest in mesh storage cages for any valuable equipment that has to be left outside of your premises. While your business shouldn’t look excessively fortified, you shouldn’t be too discreet about your security, either. Making it clear that your business is defended can deter many intruders.

3. Large businesses and multi-national business

Large, high-profile businesses are the most likely to be targeted by criminals. They may even be targeted for corporate espionage operations by unscrupulous rivals. If you are in charge of choosing security measures for a large business’s premises, it’s important to make sure the premises is impenetrable to intruders. Ultra-resilient security fencing or cladding is essential, and you should also install a comprehensive surveillance system, in case the perimeter is breached. It is also advisable to install fence toppers and a hostile vehicle mitigation system. As a well-established business, you can afford to invest in the best security measures available, so don’t take the risk of using anything less.

Here at Zaun, we can provide security solutions for businesses of all sizes, regardless of what sector they operate in. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can protect yours.