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Addressing the security challenges of construction sites

Addressing the security challenges of construction sites

18th May 2017

Are you having new premises built for your business or organisation? If so, you probably already know that securing the construction site properly is essential. However, you may not realise that construction sites need to be secured somewhat differently from completed buildings and premises. This is because construction sites are home to materials and equipment used and moved daily, making them hard to keep track of. They are also hives of activity and are generally bustling places, which creates unique security challenges. In today’s blog, we’d therefore like to provide you with a list of security tips that are particularly effective for construction sites.

1. Utilise mesh storage cages

Construction sites house a lot of valuable building materials and construction equipment. From the moment work starts on your new premises to the moment it finishes, you will need to protect these assets. Mesh storage cages are a fantastic solution: throughout the construction process, they can be used to lock up valuable equipment and materials that aren’t in use. During the most strenuous stages of the building process, construction sites are so hectic that there is a slight risk of prospective thieves slipping past perimeter security measures without being noticed. However, they won’t be able to steal anything if the site’s valuable materials are protected by locked mesh cages.

2. Ensure that there is only one entrance and exit point in the site’s perimeter

In point 1, we mentioned that intruders might attempt to exploit the natural busyness of a construction site to slip in unnoticed. You can minimise this risk by ensuring that there is only one entry and exit point for the site and that it is operated at all times. This will drastically reduce the number of opportunities that intruders have to enter the area. In addition, by investing in high-quality Zaun security fencing, you can also ensure that there are no accidental gaps in your perimeter that criminals can turn into make-shift entrances.

3. Maximise your fencing’s height and make it impossible to scale

When securing completed premises, you need to choose fencing that offers the right compromise between security and approachability. However, you don’t have to worry about this compromise when securing a construction site: your business’s customers and visitors don’t need to feel welcome until your new premises is actually complete! What’s more, prospective intruders might try to use taller pieces of construction equipment to scale shorter fences. We, therefore, suggest choosing tall fencing and equipping it with fence toppings to deter intruders completely.

Securing a construction can be challenging, but if you follow the tips we’ve provided in today’s blog, it’s a challenge you’ll be able to overcome. Contact us for more information on security measures that are appropriate for these sites.